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PART 1: Clever Ways to Use Blackboard Paint

Blackboard paint is a HOT trend at the moment and why shouldn’t it be!? It’s practical, it’s fun and it adds a sense of “look how on-trend I am right now” to a room. Here are 6 awesome ways to use it in your home…

1. Cot Desk for Kids

Blackboard Cot Desk
This is a great way to re-use that cot your child has grown out of. Remove one side of the cot and place a piece of mdf or particle board on top of the base. Raise the base to the highest newborn setting so it is at a desk-height for kids. Paint the mdf with blackboard paint, buy a couple of low chairs for the cherubs and pass out the chalk! You can always add hooks to hang craft materials and a whiteboard.

2. Talking Stairs

Blackboard stairs
Staircases are a beautiful architectural feature in a home and this fact is often forgotten. So draw attention to them by painting the insteps with blackboard paint and enscripting some of your favourite quotes, jokes, book titles, songs, poems etc.

3. Wall CalenderBlackboard Wall Calander

For all those visual learners and control freaks out there (umm… me), here is the perfect way to co-ordinate your schedule month-to-month. Painting an over-sized calender on your wall will ensure you never miss an appointment again. The only problem is finding a blank wall in your house.
I will have some more great ideas for blackboard paint next time! So get painting!

– Penny


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