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5 DIY Herb Gardens

How often have you spent $3 on a bunch of basil, only to use it for one meal before it dies a droopy death in the fridge? Yet we all continue to do it. So perhaps it’s time to design and plant your own herb garden! Not only are they incredibly useful, they will save you money and look beautiful in your home or garden. Here are 5 pretty, easy-to-create herb gardens.

1. Personalised Terracotta PotsHerb Garden Blackboard Paint

Decide which herbs you are most likely to use on a regular basis and choose a selection of various size terracotta pots to suit. Use masking tape to cover the rim of each pot, then take Chalkboard Paint and either paint or spray the base of the pot. Leave it to dry for 15 minutes, then apply another coat. Leave for at least 60 minutes, then write the name of each herb on your pot!

Herb Garden Shoe Rack2. Shoe Caddy Planters

Hang you Caddy outside, either on a fence or on an outside wall. It will become rather heavy, so be sure to attach the Caddy using a shower rod or strong nails. You will need to test that the pockets drain the water. If they don’t, simply poke a few small holes in the bottom of each one. Then fill each pocket with soil and seeds. Leave an inch between the top of the soil and the top of the pocket and wait for your herbs to bloom.

Herb Garden Indoor3. Mix and Match Potts

If you want to incorporate your herb garden into your home-decor design, this is a good option for you. Indoor plants are always appealing as they make the home feel lived in and less static. Starting a Mix and Match herb garden is a labour of love. It may take you months to collect pots of all shapes and sizes from various markets, roadside pick-ups and grandma’s garden. But your eclectic collection of pots will be worth the wait!

Herb Garden Tea Boxes4. Vintage Tins

Re-using vintage biscuit tins and tea tins is the perfect way to display your herbs in the kitchen. And let’s be honest, we are much more likely to use the herbs if they are right in front of us, rather than having to walk outside to pick them. Be sure to place them on a sunny window sill though – they need sunlight!

Herb Garden win box5. Hanging Wine Boxes

Rustic wine boxes are a great fit for herbs, plus they add an earthy feel to a room. I love the added element of industrial pipes as a way of attaching it to the wall. If you have a window in your kitchen, try attaching the wine box under the window on the outside of your house. This way the herbs are in easy reach, but you won’t have any of the soil and water mess that inevitably come with a herb garden.

Herb Garden Wine BoxesTips for your Green Thumb

For those of us who serve a death warrant to any herbs we attempt to grow, click here for some great tips about caring for your herbs.

– Penny

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